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Our mission at OC Athletix is to help you achieve your fitness goals ... and give you the tools, community, and coaches to help.

OC Athletix members will use the WODTogether program as our payment processor, workout tracker, and scheduling tool. Members will use WODTogether to pay for their memberships, store purchases, track their workouts and training data, as well as pre-register for gym classes and events. For those not on WODTogether already, we will send you a link in a separate email in the next week.


With more coaching experience, education, and services than any gym in our area, we look forward to continued growth and improvement in every way.

OC Athletix is comprised of three passionate owners, carrying 25+ years of fitness coaching experience. Kim Sherwood is the founder of BeachFit, and is the mastermind of the Silver Fox Masters Challenge as well as the Head Referee with the National Pro Grid League. Kim has a coaching backgrounds rooted in Personal Training and has worked on multiple local fitness competitions.

Wellness Coach Erica Reder and Endurance Coach Manuel “Manny” Colon-Perez, became co-owners of EQ CrossFit in April of 2016, which became OC Athletix on November 1, 2016.

Erica, a Certified Homeopath, is experienced in many health & fitness areas ranging from holistic nutrition to training as a figure competitor. Besides passionate for coaching and helping people, she is a an active Realtor for Keller Williams.

Manny, a former Marine and triathlete, continues his education in the fitness industry. Most recently, he received the CrossFit L2 certification, Weightlifting L1, Aerobic Capacity and is currently pursuing the Spartan SGX certification. Manny is active in the Obstacle Course Racing community.

As a Team, Erica, Kim and Manny bring a passion for customer service, community growth, and diligent teamwork to our members. We are thankful to all our members and friends that form our strong community and we look forward to serving you with all we’ve got!

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